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On 2 December 2021, the Global Fleet Conference will bring you a snapshot of what to expect for your global fleet management in 2022.
This 4-hour power content edition will zoom in on 5 key topics:

  1. Achieving Carbon Neutral Targets
    With COP26 just behind us, tackling the consequences of climate change is more eminent than ever. The good news is that most multinational companies have clear and concrete goals to become carbon neutral. Many of them before or by 2050. When talking about carbon neutrality, one can’t ignore the role of and impact from transportation. In this session you will get inspired in realistically and practically translating carbon neutral targets into a global fleet programme.
  2. The Value of Connectivity
    The exploration phase of Connectivity and Telematics is over. Fleets around the world are increasingly embracing this new technology as they understand and value the benefits on fleet efficiency, driver behaviour, safety and sustainability. Let’s have a look on the ROI of connected technology for your global fleet.
  3. EV Adoption Worldwide
    Electrification has made it to the top of the agenda with all fleet managers of multinational companies around the globe. No wonder, fleet electrification is an important step in achieving corporate sustainability goals and net zero emission targets. And although there is a big difference in EV readiness between regions and countries, the adoption of EVs and zero emission fleet vehicles can be organised globally. So, understanding the challenges and setting up the right EV strategy is paramount for 2022.
  4. Autonomous Mobility, from Fantasy to Reality
    One of the most dramatic and drastic transitions that our industry will have to overcome is Autonomous Transportation. Experts agree that it will change the way we move, the way we work, and it will heavily impact the way our cities and ecosystem is built. But how to envision this new opportunity for Fleets, is still a challenge.
  5. Designing your Global Fleet Strategy
    Every strategy is as good as its execution. To make implementation a success, finding the right balance between global strategy, regional practicality and local management is key. In this session you will discover how to steer a global fleet vision from strategy to implementation.

You can’t have global fleet management success without getting grip on these five key trends that will shape your strategy and programme in 2022.
This conference edition will be sparkled by the presence of experts and decision makers from the different regions in the world, with best practice sharing from members of the Global Fleet Managers Club and award-winning global fleet managers.