Conference Programme

4 Tools for your global fleet management success, in 2023 and beyond.

This year’s conference will be buzz with the presence of experts and decision makers from the different regions of the world, with best-practice sharing from members of the Global Fleet Managers Club.

The Global Fleet Conference 2022 will offer five hours of virtual content, zooming in on four key topics that have a direct bearing on your global fleet management success:

  • Supply chains: problems persist, but solutions exist
  • Global TCO: well worth the effort – and here’s how
  • Sustainability: turn going green into an opportunity
  • Regional fleet efficiency: if you want to lead, go lean

You can’t have global fleet management success without getting to grip with these key topics. They will shape your strategy in 2023 and beyond.

Each topic will be discussed in a separate session. Each session will feature a thought leadership talk, expert presentations, and/or a panel discussion. A final session will feature an executive debate, recapping the Lessons Learned and highlighting the results of our 2022 Global Fleet Survey.

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  • May 15

  • May 16

  • May 17

  • Seize the Moment in a Rising Region In terms of global fleet management, Asia-Pacific (APAC) is the most complex region. From a fleet and mobility perspective, it’s also an increasingly important region. So it’s key to bring together key fleet and mobility players from across the region, including fleet managers, suppliers, and mobility and tech companies. The goal of this Expert Meeting: to identify international business opportunities in fleet and mobility across APAC.

  • Volatile, Maturing, and Rich with Opportunity Fleet management in Latin America (Latam) is maturing quickly, despite often volatile market conditions and large discrepancies in economic conditions and business preferences across the region. The goal of this Expert Meeting: to gather Tought Leadership, so we can accelerate Fleet and Mobility business opportunities across Latam.

  • Learn from the Best Practices of your Global Fleet Peers Who better to learn from than your global fleet peers? That’s the idea behind the Global Fleet Managers’ Club (GFMC) – a club uniquely based on sharing best practices by and for international and global fleet managers. The GFMC counts more than 170 members, representing global fleets adding up to almost 2 million vehicles.

  • In partnership with GEOTAB
    Terrace Miragem Hotel (Pool)

  • This breakfast meeting is open to all female professionals in the Fleet and Mobility industry.

  • Near-sourcing is an innovative tactic in fleet procurement that will bring value to your organization. The topic is discussed while keeping in mind the relative benefits of globalization versus regionalization, and the importance of regional differences in economic development

  • In line with their ESG targets and following the principles of GHG accounting, multinationals and their fleet managers are working to achieve sustainability throughout their entire supply chain. What is the state of play of those efforts today? And how much ‘greener’ can we go?

  • Making sustainability the key element of your procurement strategy is not only possible; it’s both wise and cost-efficient, both on a regional and a global level. Learn from a best-in-class procurement lead how to put sustainability at the heart of your sourcing processes.

  • Last November, Guillaume de Subercasaux was chosen as the Global Fleet Manager of the Year. In an industry increasingly dominated by the need for sustainability, he will explain how to marry global fleet management success with increasingly stringent and globally divergent sustainability targets.

  • No two regions are the same. Hence the necessity to build your global fleet management on global guidelines that respect local market realities. This segment will explore how to develop such guidelines.

  • The automation of fleet management comes with a series of opportunities for fleet managers, their stakeholders and drivers. Just think about process optimisation, fleet visibility and fleet procurement efficiency to name a few. An accelerated digital journey also underpins global fleet trends in safety, sustainability and smart mobility. In this session, you’ll discover new innovative tactics to turn your global fleet management digital.

  • Effectively managing a global fleet requires excellent global reporting. Setting up and implementing such a system may seem challenging. It doesn’t have to be.

  • On the importance, difficulties and opportunities of effective CO2 management and reduction by global fleets.

  • Electrifying your fleet is a critical step in the journey towards corporate sustainability – and in many cases the biggest one. But EVs are not the ultimate goal. To be fully sustainable, you must consider the well-to-wheel experience, the energy supply, the battery technology, the charging policy, and the after-life commitments. In this session, you’ll learn how to ensure your EV fleet is as green as it can be.

  • This panel discussion will feature top executives from major regional leasing and fleet management companies and wil be interactive – i.e. with a Q&A session with the audience. The aim is to explore opportunities for global fleets to progress with their sustainability in 2023 and beyond.

  • This panel discussion will feature C-level executives from the Element-Arval Global Alliance and the Alliance ALD-Wheels Donlen LeasePlan. The aim is to explore the future of global leasing.

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