Conference Programme

4 Tools for your global fleet management success, in 2023 and beyond.

This year’s conference will be buzz with the presence of experts and decision makers from the different regions of the world, with best-practice sharing from members of the Global Fleet Managers Club.

The Global Fleet Conference 2022 will offer five hours of virtual content, zooming in on four key topics that have a direct bearing on your global fleet management success:

  • Supply chains: problems persist, but solutions exist
  • Global TCO: well worth the effort – and here’s how
  • Sustainability: turn going green into an opportunity
  • Regional fleet efficiency: if you want to lead, go lean

You can’t have global fleet management success without getting to grip with these key topics. They will shape your strategy in 2023 and beyond.

Each topic will be discussed in a separate session. Each session will feature a thought leadership talk, expert presentations, and/or a panel discussion. A final session will feature an executive debate, recapping the Lessons Learned and highlighting the results of our 2022 Global Fleet Survey.

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  • 8 December 2022

  • Since Covid, we entered the VUCA era. Supply chains are suffering many disruptions and shortages, and this will not end. Many companies try to anticipate on this unpredictability by increasing their inventories in a “just in case” way. However, more and more we realize that the current logistic system is unable to formulate adequate answers to the major societal problems that we are facing, including sustainability, societal hinderance, people and capacity shortages. How should we change the current logistic system? Two important logistics concepts are put forward Amazonization and the Physical Internet. But, what will be the endgame?

  • In a volatile business climate and a challenging socio-economic environment corporate fleet managers still need to ensure TCO control and fleet efficiency. Not an easy task, but one worth the effort when you respect overall corporate goals.

  • Time to network and exchange with your peers about the Global Fleet problematics

  • Time to network and exchange with your peers about the Global Fleet problematics

  • Sustainability is the key ingredient that will make your global fleet management a success in 2023 and beyond. Hence, it’s crucial that you align your business strategy with the industry-wide pivot towards Sustainability. How? By identifying the means to right-size your fleet and by minimizing your environmental footprint in an innovative way.

  • No two individuals are the same. The same also goes for fleet regions and their market maturity. In each region, business preferences differ, as do suppliers, and their customer’s needs. But it’s crucial to look at what binds the various fleet regions and take this as a basis for a ‘Glocal’ approach.

  • Time to wrap it up

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