Relive the Global Fleet Conference

With over 300 global and international fleet decision makers from all over the world - of which about 100 corporate fleet managers - gathered for 48 hours to unravel the importance of Sustainable Procurement for global fleet success ➡️ this was, again, a fantastic edition of the Global Fleet Conference!

About the Global Fleet Conference

The Global Fleet Conference is the only gathering where the world’s largest fleets managers can meet and discover Fleet & Mobility suppliers from around the globe!

Started in 2012, the Global Fleet Conference is now in its 10th year’s edition. This bi-annual event (1 live session, 1 online session) has been held in many inspiring cities around the world such as Lisbon, Brussels or Miami.

The global Fleet conference is the annual gathering of managers of the world’s largest multinational commercial fleets.
Through exclusive live and virtual events sessions, Global Fleet members get the chance to exchange, discuss and share solutions about Global Fleet’s problematics.

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