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The Global Fleet Conference is a 48-hour event over 3 days, specifically designed for global and regional fleet decision makers.

Now in its eighth year, it is THE annual gathering of managers of the world’s largest multinational commercial fleets. Over 300 participants from all over the world will attend the conference to get a pulse of the latest thinking in global fleet management. This is the perfect opportunity for Global Fleet leaders to share ideas, listen to in-depth presentations, case studies and panel discussions and to share best practices with their peers.

Because of COVID-19, the conference is postponed to September. New dates to be announced soon


The venue will be communicated soon


New dates will be communicated soon

Conference Schedule

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  • Day 1

  • For members only (registration via averpoorten@nexuscommunication.be)

  • For members only (registration via averpoorten@nexuscommunication.be)

  • Day 2

  • Decision taking in fleet management is not a short-term thing, it has an impact on a multiple yearly period. To understand the business intentions and buying behaviour of global fleet managers is key to benchmark your strategy. In this session you will get insight into the targets and priorities of global fleet managers via exclusive results of the 2020 Global Fleet Survey.

  • Centralisation and harmonisation are key drivers for fleet management globalisation. But how far can you go with globalisation? And are your suppliers organised to respond to global demands? After this session you will understand how global your preferred suppliers really are and what possibilities you have to expand your global footprint. - The global leasing footprint - Mapping the fuel suppliers - The OEM constellation

  • What are you focusing on in your strategy? Big chance the answer include TCO, Sustainability and Safety. Three disciplines that are connected with each other as the ultimate goal for global fleet managers is the same in all three cases: Target Zero. In this Deepdive sessions you have the opportunity to learn more about reaching Target Zero for one of the following disciplines: - Zero Emissions : Multinational companies need and are willing to decrease their ecological footprint and carbon impact. But how to set up a strategy that leads to a net-zero emission with attention for CO2 and NOx? - Zero Accidents : Safety is paramount, but how should one manage driver safety risks in an international environment? What is to know about insurance and how to deal with duty of care? - Zero Costs : Cost effectiveness is still the number 1 priority for fleet managers. But what to do when supplier optimisation has been achieved? How to develop the most attractive TCO and how to minimise the unpredictable and variable costs of your fleet?

  • People fear change, but nothing will stop the current evolution of vehicle fleet and mobility management impacted by technology, mobility, legislation, urbanisation and changing behaviour. In this session you will learn how to unlock global fleet benefits from new developments and disruptive services that are entering our industry and that you need to keep a close eye on to be well prepared for the future.

  • Shuttle departure to the Palazzo Naiadi for the Official Global Fleet Conference Dinner

  • Shuttle departure after the dinner to the Sheraton Hotel

  • Day 3

  • Going glocal. Fleet managers need to bear in mind that when going global they still need to think regional and local. So, what’s to know about markets across the globe? In this session we will deepdive into the regions and unravel the most important market dynamics and market differences to take full advantage of your global fleet management processes.

  • Learn from the best. The winners of the Global Fleet Manager of the Year Award share their experience as to how they have set up a strategy with global principles, developed a team with regional efficiency and managed to deliver a programme that finds the balance between corporate objectives, fleet policy compliance, cost efficiency and stakeholder satisfaction.

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