Jun 7, 2016

300 fleet experts share ideas at Global Fleet Conference

Today begins in the heart of Europe in Brussels, a unique event dedicated to international fleet leaders: the Global Fleet Conference. No less than 300 participants from 6 different continents will gather together. 21 exclusive case studies and tips from fleet experts will be presented.

During 2 days, the Global Fleet Conference:  conference will be the central point of all the fleet management evolutions.

Organised in partnership with Automotive Fleet (USA), it’s the only conference designed with fleet managers and specifically for them. It aims to answer all the needs of fleet executives from the largest international companies either their responsibility is global and/or a regional.

This event gives to international fleet leaders the chance to exchange their “fleet management” ideas and best practices. But also it’s an opportunity for them to gather at one place and compare with their peers their global fleet & mobility strategy.

The GFC’s Programme covers all today’s and tomorrow’s most crucial fleet subjects through unique presentations and case studies from international fleet managers and fleet experts. Complete programme is here:

Top level presentations will cover essential topics such as Global Economic impacts on international fleets; Climate change and Taxation trends linked to car fleet and mobility management; Technology’s latest Fleet Management innovations like Telematics and Self-driving cars; Car’s connectivity developments; Regional Focus with precise explanations of all fleet management opportunities in Asia, South America and the U.S.; exclusive case studies from the global fleet managers of multinationals Pfizer, L’Oréal, NCR, Unilever, Applus and Mondelez.

Find all the Speakers here:

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Antigone Vokou