Jun 7, 2016

Global Fleet Survey 2016: Know the trends, know your peers

Did you know that 43% of multinationals decide about safety management on a global level – but that 66% take decisions on car budgets at the local level? That's only one of the many intriguing bits of information in our Global Fleet Survey 2016.

Building on the success of our previous Global Fleet Surveys in 2014 and 2012, we have commissioned a new, sweeping overview of the fleet industry worldwide. We have surveyed 99 global fleet managers on the challenges and trends in global fleet management.

The survey's results don't just provide a wealth of individual data points – as the one mentioned above – but, put together, also paint a picture of the current state of global fleet management. And, compared with the results of our earlier surveys, the results of this survey also provide an ever clearer picture the trends that are transforming our industry. In the global fleet business, it is essential to know those trends, and to adapt your processes accordingly.

The Global Fleet Survey is the ideal instrument to benchmark your own strategy on the knowledge of your peers. The key findings of the Global Fleet Survey 2016 will be available online from 8 June. To find out more go on our Global Fleet Conference website on and of course on

Frank Jacobs