Jun 7, 2016

Guide on Asia fills knowledge gap

The Global Fleet Survey 2016 revealed an interesting discrepancy in the regional knowledge of global fleet managers. Asia was the continent they knew least about, and the region they were most keen on exploring. That got us thinking – and working.

We proudly present the Global Fleet Management Guide for Asia, produced in collaboration with LeasePlan. It zooms in on the general economic context and the fleet market particulars of six crucial Asian countries. Of course, China and India are essential fleet markets, today and even more tomorrow. But Asia is more than these two giants. There are plenty of other Asian tigers out there, with promising – if not already burgeoning – fleet markets.

Our Guide therefore also covers Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea and Malaysia. For each country, the Guide paints a portrait of the economic context, the automotive and fleet market, the tax environment, funding preferences and fleet market outlook. The Guide also includes tips and tricks, and case studies.

The Global Fleet Management Guide for Asia will be published at the end of June. For more information, and to reserve a copy, please email Virginie Emonts ( Mention your interest in the Guide, and your contact details.

Frank Jacobs