Jun 7, 2016

Advisory Board draws lessons from Global Fleet Survey 2016

This Global Fleet Advisory Board will do more than discuss; they will analyse, conclude and recommend.

Why? Because a rising tide lifts all boats. Like most clichés, it's true. Also in the context of global fleet management: the Survey is more than an instrument for individual global fleet managers to benchmark their business practices, align them with global standards, and improve their results.

It is also a chance for the global fleet community as a whole to reflect on best practices, and lift the standards of the industry itself – increasing efficiency, benefiting the environment, and (last but not least) improving performance in the overall context of their individual businesses.

The Global Fleet Advisory Board is a unique institution in the global fleet community: nowhere else do so many high-level representatives from across the industry, both from the supplier and customer side, come together to discuss the key issues, and formulate answers on the crucial problems, of the global fleet community.

 Frank Jacobs