Apr 20, 2016

Global Fleet Conference 2016: Translate COP21 into Global Fleet Management Efficiency

The Paris Climate Change Agreement as an engine for alternative powertrain integration in fleets

Join us on Tuesday 7 June at 02:00 pm to understand the consequences of the Paris Climate Change Agreement for car fleets and get a precise insight on the corporate implementation of alternative powertrains, presented by Bert Witkamp, Secretary General of AVERE.

Bert Witkamp is Secretary General of AVERE,The European Association for Electromobility. He is member of the EU Commission of Sustainable Transport Forum as an electromobility and electric vehicle expert. Bert is also Project Coordinator of the EU Commission’s “European Alternative Fuel Observatory”, the EU reference point for information about alternative fuel vehicles, charging / refuelling infrastructures and supportive legislation in Europe.

In this session we will share with you the impacts of The Paris Climate Change Agreement on Global Fleet Management with the integration of alternative powertrains.