Apr 7, 2016

Global Fleet Conference 2016: The impact of the COP21 Climate Change Agreement

Developing a comprehensive TCO model for electric powertrain vehicles

Join us on Tuesday 7 June at 15h00 to get a better insight in the cost relevance of full electric cars for fleets, explained by Sven Van Rossum, Business Partnerships Director at Athlon International.
Sven currently manages the partnerships of car leasing and mobility provider
Athlon International across the globe. Athlon International is since years at the forefront of new and electrified mobility initiatives. Besides this, Sven Van Rossum is investigating further expansion opportunities for Athlon International. Before his current role, he was an International Account Director with Fleet Synergy International, a joint venture between Athlon International and Lex Autolease (Lloyds Banking Group), where he was responsible for the international customer portfolio.
In this session, Sven will guide the audience into the Total Cost of Ownership equation for electric vehicles and look at the TCO elements that are different compared to combustion engine powertrains. Via this session, international fleet managers will better understand the cost relevance of full electric cars for fleets.
The 2016 edition of the Global Fleet Conference takes place from 6 to 8 June in Brussels. Discover the programme and registration details.