Feb 19, 2016

Five good reasons to attend the Global Fleet Conference in June

Registration for the Global Fleet Conference is now live! The event will take place from 6 to 8 June in Brussels. Register before 15 April, and you'll enjoy an early bird rate that will save you hundreds of euros. But don't wait that long: previous editions have drawn capacity crowds. Attendance is limited to 200. If you want to be sure of your spot, register now!
But why should you take time out of your busy schedule to attend this Conference at all? Well, if you're a fleet manager or fleet supplier with international or global responsibility, here are five good reasons:
→ as the brainchild of the major American and European industry publishers, the International Fleet Conference is the only forum designed specifically for execs from the world's largest multinational commercial fleets, and their regional and global responsibilities.
→ the quality of content is commensurate to the high level of the participants, with in-depth presentations, case studies and panel discussions by fleet industry heavyweights and experts, on topics ranging from global issues to specific regions, and from current problems to future solutions. 
→ the Conference will tackle vital subjects such as: Creating global fleet efficiency; Fleet management in emerging regions; The impact of technology, alternative mobility and connectivity; How to implement policy and how to report its implementation; and much more. The attendees will be able to interact via Q&A sessions.
→ the event will draw the creap of the crop in the global fleet industry. This literally is this industry's best networking opportunity on the planet.
→ the mix of presentations, discussions, networking and personal meetings is also an opportunity to benchmark your own policies and efforts against the best practices of others in your field. 
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|  17/02/2016  |  Frank Jacobs